Great Christian Music Debate

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Great Christian Music Debate

Great Christian Music Debate

To Be Or Not to Be – The Great Christian Music Debate


What does it mean to be a Christian band or to play Christian music? Of course there are artist who readily produce music that have obvious Christian overtones or are unashamedly praise songs. And they can range from alternative rock styles to heavy metal to even country. And then there are others who are avowed Christians but produce music that isn’t as obviously Christian in theme as their counterparts elsewhere. Some even have songs that have absolutely no Christian references and speak about romantic love, are protest songs, or even very angry songs. So how do you classify bands and albums that lean towards or away from traditionally Christian themes?  สล็อตเว็บตรง


If you’re the type of person who knows at least a few verses of the Bible by heart, you’re probably safe with most of the Christian music out there. You know what they are saying and why they are saying it-all the verses, even the ones that are barely so-mine. Hey, I’m just being honest here.


But really, we’re talking about music that, regardless of its subject matter, showcases the talents of the artists as much as it does the listeners. Christian music is something that, whether you know it or not, everyone can relate to. Whether you’re aeware of it or Ho-hum-ing it (like I did the first time I heard some Christian music), you certainly appreciate some sort of religion with your every day life. That is one reason that Christian radio has become so prevalent-not only in the states, but also throughout the world. When Christian radio stations play stuff that sounds “contemporary” or “urally similar” to things that we’ve all heard on the radio, listeners are going to feel much more comfortable with learning about God and His ways. Great Christian Music Debate Great Christian Music Debate Great Christian Music Debate Great Christian Music Debate Great Christian Music Debate Great Christian Music Debate


And you’d be right! It’s socially and politically “correct” for stations to play music that they like, even if they don’t necessarily like the songs. That is a general rule, unless a station develops a reputation for playing “contemporary” (read: non-contemporary) Christian music. Some stations may label themselves as having a “brush with” God. But others may just play whatever they want.


But what makes some Christian music “roots” and “national” enough to be included in a station’s programming guidelines? That’s a bit of a hindsight. But here are some possible answers:


And that’s exactly why Clear Channel has taken Christian music and “mixed it up” a bit. Their mission is to reach listeners with music that sparks thought, and inspires action.


First of all, you can’t count on just one music genre to make a buck. Second of all, Christian music isn’t exactly the most multimedia intensive genre. Why? Because God is the ultimate multimedia entertainer. Look at the way Christian musicashaouses itself by using CDs, pdfs, mp3s, and burlesque imagery.


Today, as then, Christian radio stations are sharing with you the “softer” side of Christian music. The Rhythm and Blues part of the vibe. This is the part of the music that you can actually feel. Check out some of the meditative songs by seekers of spirituality, such as “Open Your Heart” by Dr. Carter, “Crazy in Love” by footing artist Al Marsino, “Heal Your Life” by Luc Montpellier, “Love Your Favorite Old Home” by Nancy Black. You’ll learn a lot about love because these artists teach you about it.


If you’re looking for the happy, the bluesy part of Christian music, check out “Better Days” by Rick Darnell and Rollin’ Stone. Who would ever know that a “cute” group from Atlanta, Georgia would one day land a hit with a spiritual vibe? Not many. But that’s exactly what happened back in 1985 when the band released its self-titled debut. One million copies sold in its first week, which was an unheard of amount for a new band. Eventually, the album became nominated for a Grammy and earned the band a dedicated following.


Today, more than 25 years later, Down Home Records still stands by its claim to bringing you the best Christian music out there today.

Great Christian Music Debate